I have often been asked by many friends this question, “what are your top needed baby items that a new parent would need?” You see, my friends and family know I am a simple person who values good stuff. I share with people why I love the things that I love, all without the fluff. I have a lot of good baby stuff, home stuff, outdoor stuff, cookbooks, and recipes that I would love to share with the world. For me, it is not about how much stuff we have in this world, it is about the good times we have with the good people in our lives, all surrounded by good stuff (just not a lot of it). I am a very practical person, I see most things in black and white, cold or hot, on or off, I think or I know, right or wrong, need or do not need.

I am lucky to be married to my best friend for five years now. He is truly amazing and I am a very lucky lady. I also do life with two sweet boys, ages 3 and 1. They keep us very busy and grounded. We love traveling as a family and exploring the outdoors. During the week the boys and I love to do arts and crafts, play in the mud with toys, bake cookies and my famous muffins, and build things. I am pretty sure most of the toys we have in this house have wheels. I would not have it any other way.

It is my wish to have this blog connect with you and be a resource. I hope our simple living and stuff we use will be helpful. Please join me as I bring good stuff without the fluff to you.

Your friend,