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Best Baby Travel Gear - The SlumberPod

Best Baby Travel Gear - The SlumberPod

I am very excited to tell you about our trip to San Francisco last week. This was our first vacation as a family of four, with both of our Mom’s in tow. Yes, we took the grandmas! :) It was quite the adventure traveling with two toddlers (3 years old and 15 months old). We learned a lot (stay tuned for more posts on this topic) but one of the best decisions we made was to bring a SlumberPod with us for our 15 month old to sleep with. (Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post, we just want to share our experience with you)

Why We Purchased a SlumberPod

It has been quite a while since we went on a vacation as a family. One of the reasons we have not traveled is we have been leery to travel very far with our youngest, Harvey. He was born with a congenital heart defect and was very sick for nine long roller-coaster weeks in the Cardiac ICU. His first nine months of life he had a feeding tube because he did not want to take his bottle. So we had multiple medications every day and feedings with a feeding pump. When Harvey was 3 months old we all drove an hour to Jared’s brothers house to celebrate our nephew’s birthday. We got there early enough to get Harvey settled and set up his pack n’ play in the spare bedroom. We closed the curtains, turned on his baby classical music, got the monitor set up, started his feeds via a feeding tube and tried to put him to bed. But he would NOT sleep! It was too bright. Even with the curtains closed, he could not sleep. He normally naps for 2-3 hours but would not sleep for more than 45 minutes. That evening he cried A LOT because he did not get the rest he needed because it was too bright. He needed dark.

Honestly, we have not traveled since then for fear of a repeat event. It is scary when a baby with a heart defect that is on multiple medications cries a long time and that hard. We were scared. We said we would stay home and let him nap at our house in his dark and quiet room.

As we began planning our trip and booked Airbnb accommodations, I talked to my husband about getting a SlumberPod for Harvey. We both agreed it could make a big difference for Harvey (and less stress for us).

Setting Up The SlumberPod


Jared and I set it up the night we got it to check it out. The setup was simple, especially if you have ever set up a tent for camping that has tent poles. (most do, right?) It is essentially a “dome” style tent with two poles and no bottom to the tent, so it only took a few minutes for set up. The poles are longer than you might imagine, so you do need to make sure you have a fair amount of open space to set it up. Once it is set up, you can bring the sides in together to walk it through a doorway and place it over the pack-n-play. I stepped inside, sat down and hubby zipped me in. I wanted to see just how dark it is with the lights on. It was really dark with the side vents open.

Using the SlumberPod on Vacation

We packed the SlumberPod in our suitcase with the Pack n’ Play and headed off to San Francisco. We used it every night and for naps when we back at where we were staying in San Francisco. It was amazing for naps during the day. I remember Harvey falling asleep while we were on our way home from the Aquarium. I just scooped him out of his carseat still sleeping and walked into the bedroom we were sharing. The blinds were wide open from the morning. I put him down, took off his shoes, one fast zip up- BOOM, pitch dark for a sleeping baby. Wow, talk about a stress reliever knowing my baby was going to get a good nap in being in the SlumberPod.

Final Takeaway

Before our trip, we did have Harvey nap in it once four days before the trip. He was able to get settled in and napped great in the trial run. You should set it up in the morning before your trial run to air it out. It had a mild smell, but not awful. It was one of those “yep, it just needs to be aired out a little bit because it is new” smell. It did take a little adjustment on Harvey’s part to get used to the slumber pod. His first time in the tent was confusing for him and he cried a little. Once he was settled, he had a full nap.

After having used the SlumberPod on our first vacation we will be planning more in the coming months. Yeah, we get to have a peace of mind knowing our sweet heart warrior can nap and sleep in the dark whether it is down the street at a friends house, Grandma’s house or who knows, around the world! Put this on your list for the best baby travel gear!

As a reminder, this is NOT a sponsored post. If you do buy a SlumberPod, please mention this blog. Thank you so much!

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