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Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

The warmer weather will be approaching soon. Spring is around the corner and it is time to get the littles outside now that the days are getting longer. I love it when we play outside all day, get creative and stay busy. I strongly believe children need to be outside. It helps them grow, learn, keeps them healthy and active. We need to surround them with toys that help create that environment. If you give them toys they will play for hours. It is an investment that has endless dividends. Let’s do this!

These are toys that my boys, Stanley and Harvey, absolutely love. We play outside in the morning and afternoon if we do not head to the riverwalk or run errands. These toys have held up well amidst two boys who love dirt and fresh air. I hope these toys will be loved on by your little ones as well. Outdoor play encourages the growth between a parent or caregiver and the child. Happy outside play time!

Below are our favorite toys for outside playtime. They are in no particular order.

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Fisher Price Coupe

What a timeless outdoor toy for young to old toddlers!

B. Toys Coastal Cruiser Dump Truck

This one is big enough to push around, fill up and drive through mud. Harvey and Stanley both love it.

Radio Flyer Scooter

This one is for older toddlers or preschoolers. It is easy to use and steer. Stanley has loved riding it.

Fisher Price Lawn Mower

Wow, Harvey just loves sitting on the grass filling up the gas can and cranking it.

Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On

Harvey loves scooting at the Riverwalk with his big brother. It rides well and is compact. It is a must for an on-the-go toddler and family.

Joovy Toddler Helmet

We have use this helmet for both boys. It is safe, wears well and fits great. Safety first!

Step 2 All Around Playtime Canopy

We got this for the boys’ springtime present a year ago. Wow, it is packed full of fun. They love the water table and grill. A great spring time gift!

Soccer Balls

We have a collection of these because they are always fun to toss or kick around.

Balance Bike

Stanley got this one for Christmas last year from his Aunt and Uncle. He has grown to love it and rides up and down the trails at home.

InstaPot Classic Mac n' Cheese

InstaPot Classic Mac n' Cheese

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