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Best Kids Gear for Pool or Beach This Year

Best Kids Gear for Pool or Beach This Year

If your kids are like mine, they love being in the water. My oldest loves the pool. Everytime we drive by our neighborhood pool when it is closed, he asks when it will be open. He is yearning for his time in the pool. I like taking our kids to the pool, but it is a lot of work with little ones. I like to make sure I have everything to make the time enjoyable. I am sure you do too.

As new parents, Jared and I were very green the first summer at the pool. We had just moved into our subdivision that had pools to use. We were naive and newbies. We knew to pack the basics- snacks, water, sunscreen, towels. But what else did we really need? What could we pack that would make the pool time go from lack luster to a-mazing? Keep reading to find out our favorite items for the pool, plus beach!

For Baby:

Swim Ways Baby Float- This is great for babies who have trunk control. We loved it with the sun canopy to protect your baby and prevent sun from shining in their eyes. We liked having them in their own space and felt more comfortable in the water.

Baby Sun Hat- It protects baby from sun on their neck, head and into their eyes. Be careful with the string on it, but otherwise it stays on well. Also, it is lightweight and cool in the summer heat.

Mesh Bag for Pool toys- This is a must so you can have the pool toy bag handy when you rush out to the pool on a beautiful day. We always keep a bag packed with pool toys on a hook in the garage- grab and go!

Pool Toys- If you are headed to a pool in a subdivision or your friends house, you will want to pack some toys. I stay away from squirt toys since they can lock in water that could hold germs. I do however love pool (plus bath toys) toys that I can throw in the dishwasher with the sanitize cycle. This way I know all the germs are gone and the toys clean.

Sunscreen- You need gentle, dependable sunscreen for babies. We love this one! For little kids, we were not fans of the aerosol spray because we couldn’t apply it to their faces very well.

Toddler Pool Gear

Swim Floaties- For your growing toddler, you will need to grab one of these. We pack them for our oldest when we hit the water. They pop on fast and help them to gain water confidence. I do let him have time without floaties to help work on the skills he is learning to swim without flotation.

Native Shoes- We love these shoes for water play and heading out to the water. Our oldest slips them on and off by himself to head to the water. Win- win! They wear well and stay put. My tip is to buy them in a gender neutral color to pass on to your next kid or a friend.

Sunglasses- Our kids keep them on and ask for them when it is sunny out. Here are two options.

Travel Sunscreen and stick sunscreen for the face- This is great if you are out at the beach and need to save space. Also, you can always keep extra in the diaper/ kids bag for a quick application. Remember, make sure you put some on yourself as well.

Now, we all know parents need to have fun at the pool. Here are some of our favorite items to take the pool while we watch our kids closely and have a good time.

Cooler bag- This helps to keep your drinks cold and snacks cold.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

If you enjoy having music playing while you are the pool. Definitely recommend grabbing a waterproof bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your cell phone.


With traveling to the pool or on vacation to the beach, you may head out to eat. Check out my post on how to make eating out with toddlers successful. It can be challenging, but when you are prepared, it can be fun for everyone! Bon Appetit

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