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Busy Toys For Toddlers

Busy Toys For Toddlers

Whew, the holidays are over and the wrapping paper and boxes have gotten recycled. I am now trying to get our boys, ages one year and three years old back to their “normal” schedule. It takes time to get back on track, but I am thankful for awesome new toys the boys got. I typically give our family members a gift idea and that is what they get them. Sometimes, they pick something not on the list and it is usually awesome as well. Here are some of the top toys our boys got this year. Keep this handy if you need a gift idea for any busy toddlers in your life,


Best Creative Toy


I did not realize how cool the magnetic Picasso Tiles would be for Stanley to play with. We got the 100 piece set and it is perfect. It is super cool how they all stick to each other. He was building tall buildings from them in the matter of a day. It took him a little bit to figure out how the magnets work, but after that we have a future engineer in the house. The smallest pieces were still pretty big, but by all means always watch the babies in the room closely when and small toys come out. I am able to store them all in a plastic container with a lid, so it tucks away nicely. Happy storage = happy parents! Also, could be packed to travel to grandparents or friends!


Best Exercise Toy

Smart Cycle.jpg

We have a Peloton Spin bike that we love, but our biggest bubba does not want Daddy to ride when we are all home on the weekend and the baby is napping. We chose to get him the Fisher Price Smart Cycle Bike! This is a perfect bike for those with Peloton bikes at home, live in snowy weather for a lot of the year or just have a busy toddler. We put it together and downloaded the app onto a Kids Fire tablet. He jumped right on it and peddled away. The games do not work unless they are peddling, thus promoting activity. He is on the shorter side so putting his sneakers on helped. My husband was able to get a workout in yesterday, thanks to the Smart Cycle Stanley was riding. It was a short ride, but he is only three and you have to start some where. I know Stanley is excited to get another ride in too.


Best Walking Activity Toy

Shopping Cart.jpg

Our youngest got a Melissa & Doug metal shopping cart that is so cool. It is just like the real thing in the grocery stores. Since Harvey is not quite walking yet, it is perfect for him to use as a walker right now for a few more weeks before he is really walking. I cannot wait to take it to the grocery store for Stanley to use. I hope it will help him stay focused and make shopping fun. Stanley even put his stuffed panda bear in the front seat and pushed it around. So cute and entertaining!


Best Activity Center Toy

Activity Center.jpg

Though the boys did not receive this gift directly for Christmas, both boys have been fascinated with the Country critters wooden activity center by Hape. This activity center is so entertaining, educational and colorful. It is sturdy, but not too heavy to move around. The five sides packs in a lot of activity for your young toddlers. It is a toy that they can grow into to learn colors, shapes and problem solving. Also, it is sturdy enough that a young toddler can pull up on it for cruising. It is a win in our house!

Old pastimes I would like to do more of in the New Year!

Old pastimes I would like to do more of in the New Year!

Holiday Placemats- Toddler Activity

Holiday Placemats- Toddler Activity