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Friday's Top 5: Board Games

Friday's Top 5: Board Games

I believe that true bonding with friends and family happen around a table breaking bread and in the living room playing games. I have had some of the best times playing the board game Rummikub with our good friends Ryan & Melissa. They are now living in Europe so we have not seen them in a while. Whenever we do play Rummikub, we think of all the great memories we had with them. I hope that you can find a few new ones on this list and add them to your collection or share as a gift. Cheers!

1. Rummikub

This is our go-to game for game night in our house. It can be played with 2-4 players and takes about 30 or so minutes to play, sometimes faster. It is not one of those games that require deep concentration to follow along, so it is great that you can have conversations with other players while you play. It is easy to learn and fast-paced. Go put one in your cart and check it out- you will be glad you did.

2. Uno

This is a very classic card game that is great to play with kids and adults. It is fast-paced and quick. School aged kids always need help with classifying cards and numbers. What better way to learn than through a game! This is the deluxe edition that comes with a nice tin to keep everything neat and tidy. We just have the small deck of Uno cards that is great for traveling or sticking in your purse to play while at a restaurant. It would be so nice to see a table playing a game of Uno instead of everyone at the table on their devices. Who is with me?

3. Heads Up

We just played this game a couple of weeks ago at a friends house- it was so funny that some of us even had a headache from laughing so hard! Talk about a winner! We have the app that you can put on your phone and play with. It has categories that are free and fun to play. They also have decks in the app that you can buy if you need more content or want something different. The Kids deck is a good choice if you are playing with a new group of friends. I think everyone should play it now that the holidays are coming up. New family game after supper? Make sure you play far enough away from sleeping babies and children, it can get a little loud. I did find the board game version of Heads Up. I have not personally played it, but might be worth giving it a try if you want something new or going off the grid.

4. Catch Phrase

This is another one of those classic party games that you should own. It is easy to play, fast-paced and takes no time at all to set up! I like that they have different categories you can select from. (confession: I am not really good at the Pop culture category, so I always do my best to steer clear of that category). I have played this one at a few dinner parties that I have hosted. It is always fun to play boys vs girls. You have to describe the word that is listed then hit the button to signal that you guessed it right or not. It keeps score too!

5. Apples to Apples

It does not take long for this game to get completely hilarious! The basic premise actually sounds boring, it is about associating nouns with adjectives. It is the creativity of those associations where it gets very funny. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this game. For the younger kids, you can try Apples to Apples Junior edition. I have not personally played with kids (as our kids are a little too young right now). We will be adding this to our collection once our boys get old enough to play.

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