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Personal Milestone - 72 Weeks

Personal Milestone - 72 Weeks

This week I hit a milestone. 72 weeks streak. What is this goal that I hit- it was working out at least once a week for the last 72 weeks. I am not even sure if I have done anything consistently for that long. (Well, maybe shave my legs weekly and put on my face sunscreen). Those may only have been the things I have done weekly for a longer time. I chose to make time for myself on a weekly basis. I am so proud of myself. 

Some weeks were more difficult than others, when the kids were sick, needy, or not wanting to go to bed. Maybe I was tired and all I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch tv. Sometimes my husband and I needed time to connect with each other or go on a date. These were all good and important things competing for MY time. I needed to put those on the side for a little bit and turn the focus on me. 

It is my time on the bike or outside running. I try to clear my mind. I try to put the never ending to-do lists away, things I need to take care of and get to work. I remember often that they will be there, but maybe I can get them faster if I commit to myself. 

I love to work out on my Peloton spin bike. I find it easy to hop on, clip in and ride. Over time, I found out the style of workouts I enjoy. I enjoy someone yelling, speaking loudly at me to do better. I feed off of that. They get into my head and motivate me. They push me to do better. I have enjoyed fitness studios in the past with other people. This bike seems just the same. Other people doing the same class, just at their house or the studio. I finally found the fitness that fits me. 

I hope you find some form of fitness that fits you. Maybe you just lace up and head out your front door for a run. Maybe you dust off that treadmill and put one foot in front of each other. Maybe you stream some free fitness videos on your TV or computer. Maybe you could join a baby and me yoga class or Mom stroller club. Find your people, your class and do it. 

I challenge you to do self care. Care for yourself by showing up, doing the work and making progress. Remember, it is progress not perfection. I would try to find a time that you can block out for yourself. Is it in the morning, before anyone else wakes up? This is not me, but you do you. Find your time. I like to workout while my hubby puts the boys to bed one night and on a weekend afternoon. Those two times are predetermined in my head. Sort of carved out time in my week. It was hard the first few months, but now it is easier. It kind of just happens. 

What will you do to take care of yourself? 

When you want to give up...

When you want to give up...