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Sticky Easter Egg Activity

Sticky Easter Egg Activity

Have you been spending time on Pinterest trying to find a simple Easter activity to do with your toddlers? Overwhelmed and lost? Let me show how to make a simple, fun and entertaining Easter Egg activity for your kids.

This activity kept them busy for more than 30 minutes- a win in this house!

I like to try to make sure my kids stay busy so I can start supper or drink my coffee before it gets cold. This is sure to keep them happy and being creative.

First step is to gather your supplies. Here I have listed affiliate links to show what we use at home.



  • Cut the Contact paper to the size you would like the egg to be, I like a little bit bigger so you have room to tape it up.

  • Then draw an egg on the contact paper. I also drew stripes and designs on ours to make it pretty.

  • Next, prepare the decorations for the egg. I cut the tissue paper into 2” squares, put pom poms in a basket, stickers and dot stickers. Get a few strips of painters tape ready to use to hang it up (this helps if busy toddlers are in the background reaching for it).

  • Peel off the backing so that it becomes sticky. Use the painters tape and tape to a sliding glass window or door, could even be on the floor too.

  • Finally, invite your child to decorate their egg with the decorations. I allow creativity to unfold and give limited directions. It is amazing to watch them create!

  • When they are done, you can put another layer of contact paper on it and cut them out, or keep up until Easter!

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Here is a link to my favorite Easter books for kids!



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