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The Best Bath Time items for New Moms and Dads

The Best Bath Time items for New Moms and Dads

Giving your new baby a bath can be a little nerve racking as a first time parent. We all want it to go well, for the baby to enjoy bath time and create a bonding moment. The bond is so awesome to watch your precious little one kick and have fun in the water. We kept it pretty simple with bath time supplies, but they work really well. I knew I wanted items that I could wipe down or put in the dishwasher. Cleanliness was the most important piece. Some of things are more practical in nature. Like the best bathmat we found


Infant bath tub:

We chose one that Stanley could grow into. It is a great size and were able to clean it well. We were able to use this for their first bath at home, all the way until they were around 6 months old. It is not fancy, but makes bath time enjoyable for all. It fills up fast and empties easily. It is a great one! Fisher Price no longer carries the exact same model that we used but this version is the new model.

Bath Soap & Shampoo:

We love using the Honest Soap on our boys. It lathers nice so you can really see that you are getting their cute little bodies clean. We like the Sweet Orange Vanilla scent the best. The pump style is handy too when you have your hands full. It also is free from parabens and sulfates, so super gently on your baby’s sensitive skin. It is a winner in our house for bath time!


Faucet protector:

This item has been very important now that the boys are bigger. They bounce around in the tub and can get too close to the spout. We like this one so far. It has been in the tub since Stanley was born. You may not have a need as soon as they are born, but soon!

Wash cloths:

We got simple ones that went with our decor and bath room theme. I like the soft ones that are gently on baby’s skin. Keep it simple, get the soft ones.


So, as a new parent we got the infant bath towels to start out with. We then soon realized that it is nice to have a bigger towel. They get big fast and you want to invest in good towels. The full size towels are perfect. You can really wrap your baby in them to keep them warm. Also, full size towels have a lot more prints and color options. Register for the full size ones and let baby grow into them. You can thank me later.

Bath toys:

When your baby is little, they do not really need bath tub toys. I would get some good ones that you can put in the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle. This will help kill any germs or soap scum growing on them. We put our bath tub toys in the dishwasher every few weeks. These toys are our favorite. The boat and cups have been around since Stanley turned one. He is now three, the bath toys are still going strong and not gross.

The best advice is to be prepared with everything ready to go.

A good tip would be to have their pajamas laid out, diaper, lotion and anything else you may need. Babies get cold fast, so you want to be ready. He

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