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The Best Nursery items for New Moms and Dads

The Best Nursery items for New Moms and Dads

Getting ready for a new baby isn’t easy. Trying to know what you need can be overwhelming. If we are honest, every new Mom or Dad needs help picking out baby registry items. I know I was pretty clueless on what was most needed, I definitely found it very beneficial to hear from someone who has been there. It has taken some trial and error, but I would love to share some of our best recommendations that are a must for the new Mom or Dad.

Nursery Items:

Rocking chair

We love a double rocking chair in the nursery so that Jared and I can sit next to while we fed our babies and rocked them to sleep. The double seater rocker has been amazing. We have gotten up in the middle of the night together to take care of the boys and we both have a seat. It is amazing. Get the double one for you and your partner. You will cherish the time you get to snuggle up close together and fall in love with your sweet baby.



We all know that you need one of these. We chose to put our kids in the crib when they got home and slept there. We chose to be pretty minimal, yet practical . We chose a regular size option for us. There are smaller versions, but this size is the most common. *We have not purchased this crib, we had a hand me down one from my sister in law. But we recommend keeping it simple.


Crib sheets

For us, we did not find out the gender of our two boys until they were born. There was a lot of suspense and many people asked why we chose to wait to find out. It was our decision and we loved being surprised! Here are some gender neutral crib sheets for baby. We have three sheets and have been happy with that. One on the crib, one for back up and one in the dirty laundry ready to be washed. We chose a Red, White and Blue theme for us. It is super cute and cheerful.


Dresser with Changing table on top

We have been super happy with having the changing table on top of the dresser in the nursery. It allows you to have a multipurpose piece of furniture. It eliminates the need to get rid of something once baby is no longer in diapers. We chose to get a long one so that it would be safer. Our is tethered to the wall with the anti-tip kit, but it is even safer being short. Always make sure you install the anti-tip kit by 6 months of age for your baby or sooner if you will have other younger kids in the house. If you have a dresser, you can always add a changing table topper to go on top. *We have not purchased this exact dresser, but it is similar to ours.


Changing pad with sheet

This is necessary to have and it can be super simple and basic. One thing is to make sure they sheet that covers the changing pad is not wipeable. We found out the hard way that the wipeable ones are cold, think cold plastic and a small sensitive booty. No fun! Get a cotton sheet and do laundry, do laundry, do laundry.


Diaper pail

We did not really like the concept of buying a diaper pail and then when your child is done with diapers, you throw it away. We actually chose to buy a garbage can from Simple Human and use regular garbage bags. The seal of the Simple Human garbage can keeps the odor down. We tried an off brand one for Harvey’s room and it just was not the same. We soon switched it out. Bam, the smell was gone. We empty it out every few days and it stays fresh. We choose to not use an air freshener in the garbage can, but I guess you could.


Wipe Dispenser

We love our Oxo wipe dispenser, really love it! We love it so much we made sure Harvey had one before he was born. It is simple, but works well. You only get one wipe with each pull which is super nice. It keeps the wipes wet and ready to go. When we finish a pack we pull out the plastic piece that keeps the wipes in place to air it out. Then when you are ready for the next diaper change, just pop in a new stack of wipes.


Baby Monitor


For Stanley, we only used a sound monitor for him when he was a baby. This was perfect for our needs and it was a great one. We still use our Motorola sound monitor, working perfectly for the last three and a half years. It is always great when your registry items last a good long while. When Stanley moved to a “big boy bed” at 21 months old, we got a video baby monitor. This one is wonderful and works great. The image is nice in the bright light and at night. It has an app that you can watch on your phone, or via an iPad. We have an iPad that we keep on a stand and use it that way. We really appreciated watching Stanley when we were away at the hospital visiting Harvey. He was in the CICU for his first 9 weeks of life. It helped to just see Stanley sleeping in his bed when we were away from him. So sweet. Now, Harvey and Stanley both have cameras in their rooms. It is a great monitor, you can have two way conversations and even play music.

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