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Top Kitchen Gifts for your holiday shopping

Top Kitchen Gifts for your holiday shopping

The holiday shopping is in full swing already. You may have a few hard-to-buy-for people on your list. If they love to be in the kitchen, maybe this list will help you get them the perfect gift. We all desire our present to the be the one they use for years to come. I am sure one of these gifts will delight anyone from the newbie to the seasoned chef on your list.


I purchased this smoothie blender in the summer to make my protein shakes in them. Wow, it has been amazing. You just put your frozen fruit, protein powder, milk, ice and you are done. I love the fact that the container works as a cup. You do not have much clean up at all! It is much easier than having to get your large blender out or transfer your smoothie into a cup. The bottle sizes are perfect for one person or two. I use this a couple times a week to make a personal smoothie for lunch. It is a win in my book!



My sweet Mother got me this coffee mug last year for Christmas. My husband told her that my morning coffee kept getting cold when I was busy taking care of the kids in the morning. This mug has saved the day. I no longer have cold coffee in the morning. In fact, when I first started using it, I had to cool my coffee off before I put it in or leave the lid off- it was that good!!!! It travels well, fits in my car cup holder, and dishwasher safe. The only thing is that the paint is starting to fall off since we put it in the dishwasher. That is the only thing that I would say is the only negative thing to say. For your commuter, for your tea drinker, coffee drinker or stay at home parent, this coffee mug is perfect.



This steamer basket is the perfect accessory for a new or seasoned InstantPot owner. It fits perfectly in our 6 quart InstaPot to make meatloaf! We put the meatloaf in there and it comes out perfectly every time. It is a small present, but it makes a big difference.



This is a classic present to give someone who likes to bake. I use my mixer about once a week when I bake. Maybe a baker is one your list that does not have one of these. You should run and grab one for them. You will make them so happy. It is super easy to clean and use. I love to use this when baking with my three year old son. He knows how to turn it off and on. Win! A toddler learning how to bake with Momma (sometimes Daddy too) is a must. We must teach them young.



I love to bake and this is becoming my favorite one. I have made the chocolate pie and it turned out great. I even love to read this book to hear about the stories she shares. It is a great one to keep out on the counter as decoration. It makes the best stocking suffer present or gift to say thank you for those in your life.

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