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When you want to give up...

When you want to give up...

Today was one of those days that I was just tired. You know, the kind of day you just want to pull the cover over your head, go back to bed and wake up later. I think these days happen to all of us. For all of us as humans on this precious earth, life is hard, some days are harder than others. When these days happen…and they will…you need to find something to cheer yourself up. Maybe you are good at finding things to get you out of a rut, maybe that is something you struggle with. I would love to give you a few ideas on what has helped me. 

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee/ Tee

First of all, I try to sit down and have a cup of iced coffee, hot tea or water. I really love this tea, Honey Vanilla Chamomile. I find that when I am sitting down, it helps me relax. Forget the todo list, stuff to put away, etc. I hope you just sit and breathe. Sometimes I use my Apple Watch feature that has a breathe app in it. It helps you take deep and long breathes. Breathing helps. 

Get out of the house

Getting out of the house really helps me too. I was stuck at home for the first year when Harvey was a baby. “Stuck” because he had a feeding tube until he was 11 months old. We used it until 9 months old. He was a born with a heart defect and could not get sick. He never got sick because we never went anywhere during the week while Daddy worked. We only went to doctor appointments. He never got sick though, so that was huge!!! Now, when the boys are crazy or in a mood, we get out. We save money by going to the park, playground, bookstore, or pool. We try to get out when we all need a break. It is so nice to just drive. The kids are safe and we are all out. It helps clear your head. 

Clean Something

Sometimes, when your tired, cleaning something helps. I remember when I was solo parenting while Jared was away for a week with work. I cleaned the bathroom and some other stuff. It just felt nice to have it cleaned. It was therapy with cleaning spray. It is much cheaper than a couch session.

I often declutter a small part of the house. I am talking about 5 minutes to clean an area up, not clean, but put away junk, extra papers and stuff. I like using a file system to help keep things tidy. This helps me focus on the stuff that really needs to be focused on.

Connect with Someone

I try to text a friend to chat for a little bit. This helps me feel connected and related too. Maybe you need to put down your phone and not connect, maybe you need to connect. It all looks different for everyone.

Break a Sweat

My favorite because it helps release tension, burn calories and gets rid of stress is exercise. We love our Peloton spin bike that we have at home. I know lots of people do home exercise programs, yoga on demand, go to the gym with kid care, run outside, run with a stroller and the kids, a bike ride, etc. Breaking a sweat is awesome for me. Sometimes when I am running on empty it is not for me, but sometimes it is for me. Find what works and go do it!

Let’s take care of ourselves when we feel like giving up. We are worth it! You are worth it!

Personal Milestone - 72 Weeks

Personal Milestone - 72 Weeks